Safe and Effective

Adult Training

Unique, effective and fun while remaining safe for everyone at the same time. If your goals include weight loss/control, improved mobility, increased strength or more flexibility, then our ALWAYS COACHED philosophy is for you!

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Individual and Team

Athlete Training

Our program is designed to build an efficient athlete that is strong, fast and confident. To us, the ultimate competitor can play a lot of minutes, recover very quickly, highly durable, FAST and can do that all over again tomorrow.

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Promoting Active Living


Ryan, our physiotherapist here at Strive is always accepting new clients and can help you through any problems you may be having. He has his schedule open during the week which includes mornings, afternoon and evenings!

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We offer a state of the art 8800 square foot facility, full service sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic along with our highly trained and professional staff to help our clients achieve maximum results!

Strive at United Therapies
Strive at United Therapies
Strive at United Therapies

Success Stories

Strive adults and athletes who are looking to improve themselves and use fitness as a means to a healthy and happy lifestyle

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Not ready to jump into a membership? Not to worry. We offer a 30-day trial that allows you to try all of our services before making a commitment to us.

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