Heart Rate Monitoring

The conditioning of individuals is one of three important areas of fitness that we develop. Using a heart rate monitor is a simple tool to track our exertion level, progress, and help us to train efficiently. By viewing your heart rate on a moments notice, we are able to better monitor work and rest breaks leading to a higher level of training specific to your body.

Add STRIVE we created three main sessions for adults to train in; Cardiac Output, Threshold Development, and AfterBurn. Each session has their own purpose and training adaptation that will help you reach your goals. Using a heart rate monitor during these sessions provide invaluable feedback for your success.

At STRIVE we use MyZone heart rate monitors. We love the connectability of this product to our members, as well as their unique ability to record up to 16hours away from a receiving device (STRIVE's MyZone Hub, or your cell phone). MyZone's sync seamlessly to smart phones, and provide you a detailed email post session with the amount of time you spend in each training zone.

MyZone has created a positive consistency of training, with their badge reward system that inspires members to stay dedicated each month to collect a modest number of MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) that increase user status over time.

We strongly encourage all members inside and outside of STRIVE to utilize and educate themselves on the benefits of Heart Rate Training.

You'll be glad you did!

Pricing: $129 + tax

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