Athlete Development

Long Term Athlete Development Model

Build a Strong Athletic Base

  • Movement Development
  • Speed and Power
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning

We build our athletes from the inside out, focusing on developing a strong athletic base before entering sport specific focus.

STRIVE has developed a long-term athlete curriculum to move an athlete from junior levels to collegiate and professional levels. Athletes are appropriately progressed through exercises and training methods to maximize their performance in the long run. Strive focuses on athlete-centered training that meets each athlete where they are at and improves their development.

Athlete Development Sessions

  • Dynamic Warmup: Coordination, Movement Development, Muscle Activation
  • Speed: Acceleration, Deceleration, Foot Speed, Running Technique
  • Explosive Power: Sprinting, Jumping, Medicine Ball Throws
  • Strength: Developing Exercise Technique, Lower Body, Upper Body, Core
  • Conditioning: Base, Interval, Sprint Recovery
    • Session Length: 60 minutes

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Athlete Development Schedule:

Summer Schedule

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
    • 11:00am
    • 2:30pm

Athlete Development Packages:

  • Winter Session (January to April 12 weeks)
    • 2x per week: $499 (24 sessions)
    • 3x per week: $720 (36 sessions)
  • Spring Session (April to July 12 weeks)
    • 2x per week: $499 (24 sessions)
    • 3x per week: $720 (36 sessions)
  • Summer Session (July to August 8 weeks)
    • 2x per week: $399 (16 sessions)
  • Fall Session (September to December 12 weeks)
    • 2x per week: $499 (24 sessions)
    • 3x per week: $720 (36 sessions)

All purchased sessions must be used in the training window they were acquired for.

Short Term Package Offers:

  • 12 sessions $299 (+ GST)
  • 8 sessions $249 (+ GST)
  • 4 sessions $149 (+ GST)
  • Athlete Development Drop-In Session $40

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