Athlete Training

STRIVE's athletic development programs enhance sports performance and reduce the chance of potential injury. Our training sessions include movement preparation, linear and multi-directional speed, explosive power development, functional strength, and conditioning. It is results oriented training without compromising technique or safety.

Our program is designed to build an efficient athlete that is strong, fast and confident. To us, the ultimate competitor can log a lot of minutes, has strength, speed, and explosiveness, is highly durable, and is ready to play everyday. So why would we coach you for any other purpose? This is not about lifting weights and protein shakes!

We believe that a positive environment and relationship with your coach is an essential part of the athletic development process. Our athletes and coaches work together with mutual respect on a daily basis. We love to get you ready to perform, so we can watch and hear about how your successes doing what you love to do. Our coaches aim to inspire, motivate, and teach you how to execute proper movement skills while explaining to you why you are doing them.

Athlete Code of Conduct

How you train says a lot about you. Our number one priority is to ensure the personal growth of each and every one of our athletes. We aim to provide an environment that cultivates personal growth in athletic careers, their connection to community, and their life goals and ambitions.

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