Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists are best known for their quick-thinking on-field emergency care of professional and elite athletes. They are first to respond when someone gets hurt and are experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation.

Athletic therapists adhere to the sports medicine model of care. The mix of emergency onsite care and active rehabilitation skills makes Athletic Therapists very effective in treating the injuries of all Canadians, whether on the field or in the clinic. No matter who the client is, an Athletic Therapist's goal is to help everyone return to their usual activities as soon as possible, whether that be work, sport, or just playing with your kids.

Athletic therapists are able to perform detailed assessments for diagnosing your injury. An athletic therapy assessment will begin with a full musculoskeletal exam that includes assessment of your posture, range of motion, muscle strength, orthopaedic tests, dynamic movement screens, and fitness testing when required. The information gathered is used to determine signs, symptoms and predisposing factors of your injury and to create the best rehabilitation plan for you.

An athletic therapy treatment can include use of a modalities, hands on manual therapy techniques, and active therapeutic exercises. Athletic therapists are educated to treat and rehabilitate a wide variety of injuries and health conditions including pre/post surgical interventions, motor vehicle accident injuries, workplace accident injuries, return to sport/work following traumatic brain injuries (ie. concussion) and many more.

A key part of the athletic therapy rehabilitation program is to injury prevention and patient education. Athletic therapists are able to instruct patients on the best practices to reduce their risk of future injury. This can include instruction on the use of braces/athletic taping, education on workplace/lifestyle ergonomics, and facilitation of a physical conditioning program to reduce risk of injury or other health related conditions.

Are you ready to get back to where you want to be in life? Athletic Therapy can help you get better today!

* Referrals are not necessary to book an appointment although some private insurance companies may require a doctor's prescription.

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