Class Types

Strength Lifts

A designed training session that touches on all the requirements for success. Composed of static and dynamic movement training, power development, functional strength training, and conditioning. This session provides the largest volume of Training Density; this means that this session forces your body to adapt and change ta variety of different qualities.

All of our Strength Lifts are closely monitored by our STRIVE Coaches to ensure proper form and feel. Clients record daily numbers into their personal training logs that are stored and kept on site. These sessions progress through four phases that look at improving foundational technique, increased strength, power output, and conditioning phases. These sessions increase in training intensity as you develop, and provide all the qualities for success.

  • Recommended: 2-3x per week
  • Duration: 60 mins


High intensity interval training that pushes the cardiovascular and muscular system to the limit. AfterBurn is the hardest and most taxing training session that STRIVE offers. This session is completed in a group where motivation is high, sweat is a by-product, and you will be pushed to your limit! To achieve the mass benefits that AfterBurn applies you must have ownership and mastery of the skills that are built in the Strength Lift training sessions

  • Recommended: 1-2x per week
  • Duration: 30 mins

Movement Flow

This specialized movement class targets every joint in your body and is designed for joint and tissue health and resiliency. Focuses on improving mobility and increases your ability to control and express the vast amount of movement our bodies can exhibit. Increase your flexibility, reduce injury risk, improves recovery, and improves movement ability.

Movement Flow

  • Recommended: 1-3x per week
  • Duration: 45-60 mins

Cardiac Output

In a constant struggle against the stressors of life, this is mediation on the move. Improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health with this "move at your own pace" training session. We provide a variety of session options and look to explore your hearts ability to work efficiently, and constantly. Hook up your heart rate monitor and start the process of flushing stress and negative hormones that develop in the body. This session is anywhere between 45 minutes t3 hours and is only limited by your imagination and curiosity.

STRIVE understands that life is broader than our four walls. Hook up tour heart rate monitoring system MyZone and begin to learn what your heart needs for life. With our MyZone system we are able to track your progress outside of our facility as well, so feel free to walk the dog, hike mountains, lace the skates, and more! This monitoring system links directly tour STRIVE COACHES, which allows us to track your fitness and improvements over time.

Cardiac Output sets to your individual work capacity ability, and is 100% at your own pace.

Feel better, sleep better, and make this part of your routine for life.

  • Recommended: As often as possible!
  • Duration: 45 mins - 3 hrs
  • This class does not require an instructor and can be done anytime during business hours!

Threshold Training

Threshold Training is Cardiac Outputs ugly older brother. Placed right in the middle of Cardiac Output and AfterBurn, Threshold Training is another at your own pace session that is a "hill training" cardiovascular system with high and lows. Individuals will move between afterburn like paces, with rest periods to help improve anaerobic threshold and develop the conditioning requirements to become more successful with AfterBurn.

  • Recommended: 1-2 times a week
  • Duration: 45 mins
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