Client-Centered Coaching

You are the expert of your own body and life. A performance program is designed to increase quality of life. No one knows your life expectations greater than yourself! Regular facilities will put you on their program, push towards someone else's goal, and will have you working tirelessly with no rhyme or reason.

We believe in making decisions based on what really works best for you, not based on what we think should work best for you. This is client-centered, rather than coach-centered, coaching.

STRIVE's uses leading research to assess and improve movement, strength, and conditioning qualities to achieve the quality of life you desire.

Clients have their own abilities and reasons for training. Our job is to find and develop these. When a client can identify their own limiting factors and then - more excitingly - propose their own solutions, we have a recipe for sustainable, long- term behaviour change.

The problem with exercise facilities today is that most exercise programs assume that clients move well to begin with. Exercise is often about quantity. Most look at exercise as frequency, intensity, and duration. People are wearing electronic devices to measure heart rate, calories and steps. This idea of looking at quantity rather than quality has lead to increase in musculoskeletal injuries and thus what was supposed to be about fitness is know turned to be a health problem.

As physical therapist Gray Cook says, you shouldn't load dysfunctional movement patterns. Adding weight to a structure that can't support it isn't going to make that structure any better. In fact what our clinicians have discovered is that it leads to injuries. Worse yet is that you the client, gives up on your goals of fitness and health because every time you endeavor to reactivate yourself you get injured. We believe in safe and effective training. We endeavor to assist you in achieving you fitness goals and keep you healthy in doing so.

Lets perform the exercise with integrity (quality) so you can achieve independence and sustain that activity for as long as possible without injury thus being healthy. At STRIVE we need to protect you from injury. First, do no harm and than progress in a direction of independence and sustainability.

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