Mental Performance

"Before you can win the game..., you need to win the mental and emotional game in your mind," Lebron James.

"The right mindset and attitude give us opportunities to do the best we can and to realize the potential that's in every one of us," Tom Brady

"Applied sport psychology involves facilitating the development of mental and emotional skills, techniques, attitudes, perspectives, and processes that lead to performance enhancement and positive personal development" Canadian Sport Psychology Association. The mental game is a required part of any athlete's game, however they rarely know how to work on it on their own. Working with an applied sport psychology professional helps athletes develop tools they can use to be their best consistently regardless of level or situation.

Dr. Ross-Stewart is trained in social cognitive and person-centered approaches to sport psychology which means when athletes work with Dr. Lindsay Ross-Stewart, Director of Mental Performance at STRIVE they can expect a confidential experience where they can speak freely, and be supported for who they are as a person first, athlete second. They will work, with the athlete guiding the conversation, to develop an individualized mental game plan with tools and techniques that they can use to maximize their mental game. Common topics discussed in mental training are confidence, emotion management, communication, focus and concentration, motivation and personal challenges and successes in sport.

Team meetings include active sessions aimed at using activities and group work to help the team develop skills related to communication, cooperation, goal setting, motivation, as well as working on individual skills that help the team. Dr. Ross-Stewart also works with coaches to help them navigate the challenges of managing a team as well as on their own mental game.


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