Off-Season Training

Reach your Highest Level of Athletic Potential for your Upcoming Season

Our Off-Season Training programs are intended to run for 16-weeks and is split into training blocks that best prepare athletes for upcoming tryouts, training camps, or competitive seasons. We lean on a Long-Term Athlete Development Model for our athletes to reach higher and higher levels season after season. Depending on the athletes needs we aim to improve different aspects focused on Movement, Strength and Power, and Conditioning development.

All sessions are Coach-Led, Tracked, and constantly Monitored and Progressed for your specific success.

Off-Season Training Schedule

16 Week Training Block

  • 4 Weeks Capacity Phase: Depending on the age of the athlete this phase is predicated around teaching the athlete exercise form, re-establishing movement qualities, or starting to work towards muscle hypertrophy and aerobic abilities.
  • 8 Weeks Strength Phase: Depending on the needs of the athletes we move through methods including variations in sets and reps, Triphasic Training, or tempo changing methods.
  • 4 Weeks Speed and Peaking Phase: Depending on the training age of the athlete, we will place a larger amount of training time dedicated to game like speeds. Here will also add an increase in anaerobic type conditioning to prepare athletes for the experiences they will face as they start training camps.

For Athletes that compete in Winnipeg and are looking for In-Season training, we move them into our Athlete Development sessions that maintain the focus of strength training and exercise technique development that many athletes lose over the course of their seasons.

Typical Sport Academy Training Blocks

Below is the usual athletes that we will see

  • Fall Sport Academies (September - November)
    • Basketball, Softball, Baseball
  • Winter Sport Academies (January - April)
    • Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer
  • Spring Sport Academies (May - June)
    • Football, Hockey, Ringette,
  • Summer Sport Academies (May - August)
    • Hockey, Football, Basketball, Ringette, Volleyball Collegiate Sport Athletes

Off-Season Training times can be found here --> STRIVE Off-Season Training Schedule and make-up times can be completed in STRIVE Athlete Development Training Sessions.

Sport Coach - Athlete - Performance Coach Connection

STRIVE aims to build strong relationships with Sport Skill Coaches in Winnipeg. With the athlete in the center of focus, STRIVE aims to build a clinical team, and performance team that work in alignment with the skill coach to best prepare the athlete for the upcoming season.

STRIVE's Sports Academies address the specific mobility, functional strength, and energy system development, for success in your sport. Creating proper work-to-rest intervals, recovery strategies, movement ability, and performance parameters is crucial for continued long term success.

The athlete's energy levels are the main factor that we look to manage through an off-season training process. It is imperative to the success of the athlete that they enter each practice and training session with a high level of physical readiness to perform.

Off-Season Registration Cost

  • 1 Month Training Cost: $399 (+gst)
  • 4 Month Commitment Training Cost: $1,459 (+gst)

**monthly payment plans available**

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