CanU - Mantario Trail Challenge

CanU is a Winnipeg-based charitable organization that inspires hope and confidence in the leaders of tomorrow through its out-of-school mentorship and educational enrichment program for youth in Grades 5-12. Throughout the year, CanU Kids participate in a wide range of educational experiences on post-secondary campuses and develop their nutrition, health, academic, social, and leadership skills. CanU programs are designed and led by post-secondary student volunteers who are honing their leadership and community service skills.

STRIVE is happy to be sponsoring the Mantario Trail Challenge for 2023, and 2022. As a part of the Mantario Trail Challenge, CanU puts funds, donations and support, all towards the CanU Lead Awards and scholarships.

The CanU Lead Awards serve as an affirmation of the child's work and leadership, and gives them a scholarship towards post-secondary education. In six years, CanU has awarded 637 Lead Awards and Scholarships that are being held in trust by The Winnipeg Foundation. In 2023, CanU is planning to deliver another 160 Lead Awards and Scholarships to their participants.

CanU Mantario Trail

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Zueike \zu-we-kay\, designs and manufactures premium athletic apparel for all lifestyles. The meaning of Zueike is to, Relax, and our focus is on fit, clean designs and utilizing the best in comfort fabrics.

In partnership with the B. History Fund, Check on The Strong Ones, and I Am The Future -- Her, Zueike makes a strong impact in our community.

We are excited to partner with Zueike to provide STRIVE Fitness and Therapy clothing through the link below.

Zueike x STRIVE Clothing

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Athletic Groups

Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre

STRIVE and WGC have partnered to provide top-quality strength and conditioning programs to WGC's competitive level athletes. The road to success begins with a solid foundation.

Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre provides a supportive community that encourages athletes to reach their full potential in a safe and fun environment. WGC aims to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and determination while inspiring their athletes to discover their talents. From beginner to advanced, from infants to adults, WGC has it all. Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre is also the home of 3 former Olympians: Monica Goermann (1980), Kathleen Finnegan (1984) and Bonnie Wittmeier (1984).

STRIVE connects with Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre groups and coaches to provide training insight into their training approach, yearly plan, and conditioning session structure.

Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre


Aquatica Synchro Club provides athletes with the opportunity to achieve their personal best through a holistic approach. We believe synchro can offer life-long enjoyment and we offer this to any student- regardless of age or ability. We offer a positive, safe, supportive and inclusive environment where every athlete can be themselves.

Aquatica believes in developing the whole athlete. Training does not just take place in the water. Athletes improve their flexibility through yoga and gymnastics training. Cardio stamina is enhanced with Zumba and sprints. Weight training promotes power and strength. But it's not all about physical training- athletes learn goal-setting, perseverance, and how to work as a team.

STRIVE connects with Aquatica to provide a bi-weekly training program that provides Aquatica athletes to improve their movement, strength and power, and conditioning. Aquatica athletes are paired with STRIVE Therapy to provide a comprehensive movement assessment to best prepare the athlete for a long-term healthy swim career and post-swim lifestyle.

Aquatica Artistic Swimming

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