Team Training

Optimize your team's season, and the growth of each athlete to set them on a path of long term development, in athletics, performance, fitness, and health.

Training Sessions

Our Coaches maximize your teams success by creating training around your schedule, whether you are looking to develop overall athleticism, conditioning, or looking for recovery, we have the tools to get your team to the next level!

Our Core Beliefs

  1. Do No Harm: The goal is to be at their best in sport; weight room exercises are designed to supplement their abilities in sport and not as an end in themselves.
  2. Enjoy The Training Process: Develop a positive relationship with understanding that training assists the sport and life after sport.
  3. Athlete Education: Athletes learn and better understand their bodies. How they can improve, and how proper training fits their body.
  4. Player Performance: Through proper training the players health and performance improves which leads to more success on the playing field.
  5. Fitness for Life: The training process develops a positive relationship with exercise for each athlete to continue after their playing career.

How to Start

  1. Contact James at to book your coaches orientation and consultation
  2. Book your Assessment Method
  3. Consistent training with integration of practice and game schedule

1. Coaching Consultation

Sit down with Athlete Director James Horaska to organize your in-season training plan and availability through the year.

2. Assessment Method

Option 1: Clinical Route: Individual Player Assessment

Physiotherapist Preston Tran has completed Athlete Movement Intakes to dive deeper into movement limitations, pain, and injury history.

Option 2: Group Route: Team Assessment + Introduction to Training

If no individual assessment is completed, coaches will go through introductory movement assessments with athletes in the first session.

The Training session follows with an introduction to weight training and key exercises that athletes will develop over the course of their training at Strive.

3. The Continual Training Process

Strive's Team Training sessions focus on teaching athletes where they are at and what improvements can be achieved throughout the season.

The team is taken through a dynamic warmup, speed, and power development. Strive progresses athletes' form and technique to develop the ability to increase strength, power, and speed.

Developing the Athlete

STRIVE has developed a long-term athlete curriculum to move an athlete from junior levels to collegiate and professional levels. Athletes are appropriately progressed through exercises and training methods to maximize their performance in the long run. Strive focuses on athlete-centered training that meets each athlete where they are at, improving their development.


Clinical and Rehabilitation Team

Movement is the key driver that athletes use to express themselves on the field of play. If athletes have limitations in movement, they will be limited in their ability to play. The first goal in athlete training is to make sure athletes can move efficiently to maximize their ability in sport. The clinical team below has vast experience to make that happen.

Assessment / Clinical

Pre-Season Testing and Assessment to assess Sport Specific range of motion, key injuries, and strength / power asymmetries in the body. With the ability to know individual players' red flags, Strive and your Team is in a better position to improve each individual. Utilizing clinical resources allows higher efficiency in training and maximizes the team's potential.

  • Individual Assessments
    • Standard Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Chiropractic Assessments
      • Clinical assessment allows the individual to meet with a clinician to identify pain or faulty movement strategies that can be assessed, treated or trained.
  • Pre-Season Concussion Testing (Athletic Therapy)
  • Game Day Coverage (Athletic Therapy)
  • Pregame Taping / Therapy (Athletic Therapy)

Director of Mental Performance

Dr. Lindsay Ross-Stewart

"Before you can win the game... you need to win the mental and emotional game in your mind," Lebron James.

Every athlete and coach knows the mental game is a huge component, and yet they often do so little for Mental Performance. There are many tools to optimize athletes' resilience, communication, emotion management, confidence and enjoyment in sport. Dr. Lindsay Ross-Stewart provides tangible tools to help athletes and teams develop their mental game and take their performance to the next level.

Mental Performance

Team Mental Performance training sessions expose athletes to the mental side of performance and how they can maximize their thought process and skills to effect elements of the game, practice, and personal preparation. Sessions are designed to expose participants to singular concepts and to teach and apply them at a high level. Each session is designed to provide take home applicable skills to maximize performance.

Featured Topic Discussions:

Team Skill, Communication, Team Goal Setting, Cooperation, Embracing the uncomfortable, Handling game pressure, Overcoming mistakes, Dealing with pressure

Five "Must Haves" for Coaching Effectiveness by Lindsay Ross-Stewart

"The right mindset and attitude give us opportunities to do the best we can and to realize the potential that's in every one of us," Tom Brady

Sport Performance Coaches

Youth athletes need to be developed probably to maximize athleticism, speed, power, conditioning, and strength. The team below has seen athletes at every level and a depth of education to help athletes reach their full potential.



Fitness Training Sessions

  • Single Training Sessions $229.00
  • 9+ Training Sessions $199.00 per session

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  • Individual MyZone Training Belt
    • $179.00 per belt (+taxes)
  • 10+ MyZone Training Belt
    • $129.00 per belt (+taxes)


Individual Clinical Services

  • Physiotherapy
    • Physiotherapy Athlete Assessment with Preston Tran (30 min) $72.00
    • Initial Assessment (60 min) $87.50
    • Followup Treatment (30 min) $72.00
  • Athletic Therapy
    • Initial Assessment (60 min) $90.00
    • Followup Treatment (60 min) $75.00
    • Pre-Season Concussion Testing
      • SCAT 5 (15 min) $45.00
      • VOMS Assessment (30 min) $75.00
    • Pregame Taping $15.00
    • Game Day Coverage available upon request
  • Chiropractic
    • Initial Assessment (45 mins) $120.00
    • Followup Treatment (15 mins) $50.00
  • Massage Therapy
    • 60 Minute Massage $85.00
    • 30 Minute Massage $55.00
    • 90 Minute Massage $120.00

Mental Performance

  • Team Options
    • 1 Team session $200.00
    • 3 Team sessions $550.00
    • 6 Team sessions $1,110.00
  • Individual Options
    • Initial Consultation (60 min) $150.00
    • Follow Up Consultation (30 min) $75.00

Please email or call (204) 474-1320 to register or for more information

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