David Pineau

Rehabilitation Director

David Pineau

Dave is a Registered Occupational Therapist and is in private practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba
. He received his B.A. (criminal justice) from the University of Winnipeg in
1996 and his Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy in 2002.

Dave has spent significant time learning at the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning(MBSC) in Woburn, MA. Together with his partners, Eugene Capitano and Jamie Robertson, Dave brought world renowned training and rehabilitation to Winnipeg in the form of United Therapies STRIVE, the only licensed MBSC Thrive facility in Canada.

Dave's passion for functional training is a perfect match with his education and experience in Occupational Therapy.

Certified ARCON Evaluator
Certified Graston Provider
Mike Boyle Strength Conditioning
Thrive Program
Certified HKC Instructor

2012 Continuing Education Courses
Dr. McGill - Rehab of the Athlete
Dr. Weingroff - Training=Rehab, Rehab =Training

2013 Continuing Education Courses
MBSC Thrive 4 Day Certification Program
DNS A (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)
DNS B (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)
HKC Certification Program
Dr. Craig Liebenson: Faulty Movement Patterns

2014 Continuing Education Courses

DNS Exercise1

DNS Exercise 2

Unite Interactive