What gave you faith and trust in Strive?

"It's important for me to work with people who have a desire to always learn more and stay up to date with the latest science. Strive is continually evolving and improving to maximize my potential."

What do you feel is important in your preparation?

"It's very important to have a clear goal in what I want to accomplish each summer, it's equally important to have my trainer on board helping me figure out how to make it work. I feel comfortable with the plan Strive puts forward for me each year."

What do you look forward to in the future?

"I'm looking forward to continually improving my health. Each year I find myself feeling better and turning the page on past injuries."

Eric Fehr

"I choose to come to Strive during the summer because of the complete training you receive everyday you show up. You are given tools to improve everything. Stuff such as speed, agility, heavy lifting, mobility and conditioning are all incorporated into the training session. These are all important things for somebody that wants to be an elite athlete and Strive gives you the tools you need to get to the next level.

I feel I have become a much better athlete over the past 4 years training with Strive. I have become a more complete athlete. I move better and am more dynamic. I am much more stronger and powerful as well.

This upcoming summer, I am hoping to improve my conditioning and cardio as well as becoming more agile and faster."

Carson Lambos

"I'm glad I go to STRIVE.

I unhooked this trailer with 3000 lbs of cargo. The tongue jack was not in place and the trailer started to dive towards my truck. Took all I had, managed to right the jack and lock into place. It was close! 3 mtgs ago, I don't expect I had enough strength.

Fyi. I still don't like going to gyms. I do like coming to STRIVE. "


"STRIVE isn't just like any other gym. The positive, friendly, motivating and inspiring atmosphere created by the trainers and other members makes for an amazing session each and every time. The trainers are encouraging and push you to do your best to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be."


"My sons started attending classes at STRIVE midway through this hockey season and by the end of the year they were both feeling stronger and more confident on the ice. I started working out at Strive a couple of months ago myself and I'm having the same experience."


"The facility and the coaches make STRIVE a great place to train. The coaches focus on proper form and safety and the sessions never feel routine - they make it fun! And that's what keeps me coming back! I would recommend Strive to anyone looking to make a difference in their fitness."


"The staff, programs, and facility are second to no one and give you the confidence from day one that you can and will achieve your fitness goals. The program is unique and specific to the individual, designed to achieve personal success. I look forward to every workout with fellow Strive members and have never been happier to have to buy a new wardrobe for the right reasons."


"Guiding me through a challenging, yet not intimidating program, the positive and supportive staff has helped me achieve goals I never dreamed were possible. Yes, I have lost weight, have more energy and don't battle fatigue like I used to, but more importantly I have gained strength, self-confidence and a sense of pride. And this has all been achieved in a very comfortable, straight-forward and really fun environment!"


"STRIVE is nothing short of the best gym and program I've been a part of! The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging! They always make you feel like your latest workout was your best! Having a clinic associated with with the gym has helped immensely with injury treatments and ensuring the trainers adjust the program as necessary. You'll never regret joining this gym!"


"Our 13 year old boys hockey team participated in off-ice conditioning sessions with STRIVE and thoroughly enjoyed the workouts. The boys were always engaged and the staff were attentive and very willing to modify activities to meet the strength and developmental needs of each of our athletes. I would completely recommend any team or individual looking to develop a greater level of fitness consider STRIVE for their training needs!"

Coach Mike