Virtual Programming

Functional Training

Qualities: Strength Development, Balance, Core Strengthening, Movement Development

A designed training session that touches on all the requirements for success. Composed of static and dynamic movement training, power development, functional strength training, and conditioning. This session provides the largest volume of Training Density; this means that this session forces your body to adapt and change the variety of different qualities.


Qualities: Conditioning, Oxygen Consumption, Heartbeat Output

High intensity interval training is a method of training that is primarily used for conditioning benefit. You will go through sequences of different exercises and movements that will be performed at high intensity followed by a rest, and then to another movement in a circuit. The goal is to increase your conditioning threshold to allow you to push harder for longer durations of time without significant fatigue. Also on a timer, these workouts will not only allow you to perform longer durations of activity, but also will aid in other training components such as strength programs where conditioning can be a limiting factor in achieving greater potential.

Movement Flow

Qualities: Movement Development, Joint Health

This specialized movement class targets every joint in your body and is designed for joint and tissue health and resiliency. Focuses on improving mobility and increases your ability to control and express the vast amount of movement our bodies can exhibit. Increase your flexibility, reduce injury risk, improve recovery, and improve movement ability.

Explosive Repeat Training

Qualities: Speed, Explosive Endurance, Heart Rate Recovery.

Explosive Repeat Training is an important method for many sports where there are bursts of high intensity followed by rest or lower intensity and where the heart needs to be able to recover quickly for the next intense burst of performance. In order for an athlete to maintain peak output from the start of the game to the finish, they must be able to recover quickly and deliver high speed rapid movements whenever needed without burning out. This is a fast twitch muscle training method delivering maximal repetitions within a given timeframe followed by a rest. Work to rest ratio will change as the athlete becomes more conditioned and will notice over time that their heart rate recovery improves greatly and overall stamina is increased.

Tempo Training

Qualities: Strength, Strength Endurance, Hormone Production

Tempo Training is a method where the focus is time under tension and will be very important for a massive variety of sports where the athlete needs to be conditioned while major muscle groups are under constant tension for longer periods of time. This is going to target slow twitch muscles used mostly for aerobic endurance, but because of high volume and longer intervals where muscles are put under stress and tension, there is going to be major strength and muscle adaptations gained as well. Also on a timer, this method will be performed at a slower pace repetition wise (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up) as opposed to the explosive repeat where repetitions are for speed and quantity. Tempo Training compliments explosive repeat training in that you are getting both fast/slow twitch muscle endurance and strength adaptations needed for many high level sports and events.

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